Who Will Be The Champion??

Here's How It Works

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  1. You and your team have 1 hour to recover a stolen Picasso worth a mere $27 million and Escape The Study (don't worry, no homework or outside knowledge is involved)
  2. You'll have to work together to find clues, decipher codes, and recover the stolen Picasso before time runs out!
  3. The teams with the fastest times at the end of the competition will win an awesome prize and will have the ultimate bragging rights
  4. Competition will be open from June 8th until June 29th and we'll announce the winners on July 1st!


  1. This competition is open to high school students who have completed grades 9, 10, 11, or 12.
  2. Students should form teams of 4-8 people (but not more than 8 including yourself)
  3. If you are playing with friends from different grades, the team defaults to the oldest person's grade level. So, if the team is mostly freshman, but you have 1 sophomore, you will compete in the sophomore division.
  4. Your team may only play The Study once during this competition. Repeat players or games will not count.
  5. No spoilers. Players with knowledge of how the room works in advance will be disqualified (plus, do you really want to give the other team an advantage).
  6. The fastest team at the end of the competition for each grade who solves all of the puzzles and clues and recovers the stolen Picasso will be dubbed our High School Escape Room Champions! Prizes will be awarded and we'll put your name on our Wall of Champions!!!

How to Register

  1. Collect your team and navigate to our booking page (exodusescapegames.com/booking)
  2. Find a date and time works for your group and select the applicable number of tickets for your group
  3. Purchase a ticket for everyone in your group (we recommend doing this together in the same room at one time or have one person do the booking for everyone so that everyone is for sure booked at the same time)
    1. TIP: use the promo code: HSEC18 to save 15% on your tickets
    2. Note: we cannot refund or move your booking/ticket(s) unless you give us at least 48 hours notice
  4. Get pumped and come up with an awesome team name (it will go up on competition wall in our lobby)
  5. Show up 10-15 minutes early to ensure we can start your game on time. IF you are late, we may have to start without you (and trust us, nobody wants that)


We take post-game pics after each game with your time, but we want to do something special. The person who posts their pic on Instagram with hashtag #hscompetition who gets the most likes by the end of the competition will win a $50 giftcard. Don't forget to tag us (@exodusescape) and make sure your post is public so we can find it at the end of the competition. Good luck!!!


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DM us on FB or IG: @exodusescape

Email: josh@exodusescapegames.com

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