You Have One Hour. Can You Escape?

Exodus Escape Games is bringing the excitement of escape rooms to Columbus! An escape room is simply a room that you try to escape. Sounds easy, right? There's a twist. Groups of 5-8 players work together to solve puzzles, gather clues and complete challenges in order to win. Each room has a different theme, different puzzles and different challenges, but they all have one thing in common: You have one hour to get out. Teams must put their creativity to the test as they work to escape before the time runs out!

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Our Rooms

The Revolution

You and your team are spy hunters working for George Washington in the Colonial Army. Over the course of the war, General Washington has been hunting one specific British spy that has been posing as an American soldier. General Washington has been called to battle, but he has entrusted you with access to all of his gathered intelligence.

It's the night before the battle of Yorktown and time is running out. Can you save the Revolution before it's too late?



Recommended: 4-8 Players (Min. 2 Players)

Difficulty: Medium

The Study

A famous Picasso, Le pigeon aux petits pois to be exact, was stolen from a museum in Paris. Now, it's up to you and your team of art recovery specialists to track it down. After months of hard work, you've tracked the painting's whereabouts to the study in the mansion of a notorious billionaire and black market art dealer known only as The Professor. He will be absent from his mansion to attend a meeting with other art brokers.

Can you recover the stolen painting and escape before The Professor returns from his meeting in 1 hour?


Recommended: 4-8 Players (Min. 2 Players)

Difficulty: Medium


6298 Veterans PKwy

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