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What Do Game Masters Do?

In Short, Game Masters are the people who run each game. They meet the players before the game starts, give them an introduction to the game and its rules, help by monitoring the game and guiding players through the game if they get stuck, and celebrate with the team when they escape the room or help them finish if time expires before they escape.

Important Skills?

We are pretty tech savvy here, so working with computers and general troubleshooting is a must. Also, being generally handy at fixing things can be very helpful since some groups may accidentally damage a prop/clue during their game. You must also be able to memorize the game flow and recite hints at the drop of a hat, since helping players when they are stuck and time is of the essence is the core part of your job. Also, the game can get stressful at times, so clear thinking and time management are key.

Bonus Info:

We have a fantastic staff and we have a lot of fun together. We really try to promote a family culture here and we are pretty selective about keeping that culture strong. If you are fun, friendly, professional, and great at customer service, we'd love for you to apply to join our team! Simply fill out our application below, and we'll be in touch soon.

Most of our Game Masters work about 10-16 hours a week, so if that works for you, that works for us!

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