Our Refund Policy

We want to make our refund policy as fair as possible with respect to both you the customer and ourselves as a business. So, here's how our refund policy works. At most escape rooms, all ticket sales are final. The reason why is because each game is a moment in time that cannot be re-sold once the moment has passed. And, unlike many airlines (which are similar in their ticketing concept), we don't overbook to account for some people cancelling last minute. So, by purchasing a ticket, you've purchased access to that moment and we've removed the possibility of anyone else getting access.

If you do have something come up (we get it; life happens), we will do our best to reschedule with you or if you are absolutely unable to make it, we will do our best to open up your spots for other people, and should someone decide to purchase those spots, we can issue you a refund for the amount we were able to resell. If we cannot resell all of your spots, we will issue you store credit for use on a future game.

We know that you will have an amazing time and that this game will be something that will build memories and stories that you will talk about for a long time. We can't wait to have you!


Josh Kendrick

Owner, Exodus Escape Games

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