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Whose side will you choose?

Presenting Exodus’ Brand New Versus Style Escape Rooms

  • Race against your friends to see who can escape first

  • our most challenging and engaging puzzles yet

  • Solve puzzles that Slow down the other team or Focus on Escaping faster—The choice is yours



Police have intercepted a video from the Organization, known as Anonymous, coordinating an attack on The Vault at Exodus. They want to put together an elite team to stop Operation Heist before it begins. This team must be able to overcome any obstacle, no matter how difficult. The Vault is known to be associated with some nefarious individuals, so they won't be happy about our presence. We can expect resistance from both sides. You'll have to be clever, skilled, and quick witted if you want to outsmart your adversaries. 

Are you up for the challenge?

Duration: 75 minutes

Recommended Team size: 5-8 (minimum 4)

Difficulty: Hard (designed for experienced players)



Your cleverness caught the attention of Anonymous, a group of hacktivists dedicated to making the world a better place--if through some questionable methods, but that's just fine with you. Now, they've offered you the chance of a lifetime: recover their lost hard drive and, as a reward, you'll have access to as much money, jewels, and precious art as you can steal. Get caught and, well, no one has ever tried to rob The Vault and lived to tell the tale.

Are you ready to put your skills to the test? The treasures of The Vault await...

Duration: 75 minutes

Recommended Team size: 5-8 people (minimum 4)

Difficulty: Hard (designed for experienced players)



Q: How many players are required to play these rooms?

A: As with any great heist or SWAT team, our focus with these rooms is on team work! We’ve incorporated many more puzzles than our average rooms contains and focused on a design that works better for teams of 4-8 per room (SWAT or HEIST)

Q: Do I have to pay for everyone in advance?

A: Nope! You can simply pay a 25% deposit on your tickets and we’ll take care of the rest when you arrive.

Q: Will I be booked with strangers?

A: We actually made both of these games private by default, so you won’t be booked with strangers. We understand you are here to spend time with your family and friends and so we want to make sure you have the rooms to yourselves.

Q: Do we have to book both rooms at the same time to be able to play?

A: You only have to book one room at a time. We have designed the rooms to be run independently if needed (but they are much more fun with 2 teams—one in each room).

Q: Are these rooms scary?

A: Nope—Just like our other rooms, there may (definitely will) be a few fun surprises, but these rooms are designed to be family friendly and are not scary at all.

Q: What is the recommended age?

A: Since these rooms are a little more challenging, we recommend them for ages 15+. However, if you have played and enjoyed our other rooms with your family and would like to enjoy these more challenging rooms as well, we’d certainly love to have you.

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