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Exodus Escape Games is a live escape room experience where teams work together to solve clues, decipher secret codes, and escape the room before time runs out! It's an incredibly fun and exciting team building adventure that's unlike anything you've done before!

Your escape experience will take approximately 90 minutes, and our staff will work with you to schedule the event during a time that works best for you. Your team building event will occur in 3 stages:

Stage 1: Introduction to the Rules and Best Practices of the Game (10-15 Minutes)

Stage 2:  Work Together to Escape the Room! (60 Minutes)

Stage 3: Debriefing and Team Picture (10-15 Minutes)

We can work with your schedule to accommodate teams of 2-8 per room for a total of up to 32 people per session.

All games are private, and we can offer custom start times, so that you don’t have to plan your day around our schedule.

If your group is larger than 32, we can tailor the event to work for you. Price is dependent on group size.

To schedule your team building event, simply use the contact form at the bottom of the page or email us at

A Few of Our Featured Clients


Our Rooms

The Revolution


You and your team of spy hunters walk into George Washington's tent. The air smells like gunpowder, and the canvas walls are battle worn. You uncover a letter, which states that the American troops will be moving in one hour to engage the British in yet another battle. However, this time, we suspect a British spy has stolen the battle plans and intends to sabotage the Americans. You have to uncover the identity of the British spy, and you have to do it quickly. There will be secret messages, hidden compartments, and cryptic puzzles. You'll need teamwork, great communication, and creative problem solving if you are going to save America!

The Study


Perhaps you'd prefer to put your art recovery skills to work instead? Rumor has it that the Le pigeon aux petits pois (The Pigeon with the Green Peas) by Pablo Picasso is locked away inside the mansion of a notorious billionaire and suspected art thief, Victor Blackstone. You and your team of top-notch art recovery specialists need to infiltrate the mansion and recover the priceless painting before Mr. Blackstone returns. If you are successful, the rewards will be great. Just don't get caught in Mr. Blackstone's study. The consequences could be deadly and the painting could disappear forever. You'll need to work together to unlock clues, communicate codes, and solve the secrets of The Study.

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Team Building FAQs

I’m Claustrophobic, Can I do this?

Absolutely! Our rooms are large enough where you won’t feel cramped for space and there is a door exit button, so you can leave at any point in the game no questions asked. That said, in our 3+ years of operation, no one has ever had to leave because they felt the room was too small or for any other emergency. We take a lot of pride in treating our customers well and making sure we provide the optimal environment for team building.

What if we get stuck on a difficult clue during the game?

Don’t worry! We have incredibly well trained game masters who are watching over your team and can provide a well-crafted hint to get your team back on track.

Are the rooms private or open to the public?

While many escape rooms, including ours, offer open availability to the public, for team building events, we make sure it will just be you and your team in your escape room. You are here to work together, and we do everything we can to help make your event a success!

We’ve Never done anything like this before. Will this still be fun?

Of course! Over the last 3 years, we’ve been the first escape room for thousands of people. We pride ourselves on creating an experience that is fantastic for people of all escape room experience levels. And, if you get stuck during your game, our excellent game masters will be able to help you out.

Do I need to Memorize or know anything before we go in?

Nope, everything you need is going to be provided for you inside the room. For example, in our Revolution room, you don’t have to know any historical figures or battles or dates to be able to complete the room. Everything you need, will be provided inside. Although, if you appreciate history, you may get a little extra fun from the room since everything is historically accurate.

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